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Providing qualified technicians to the aircraft industry in the USA and around the world since 1989.

We will travel to your company, job site, or military base if we have enough students for a viable class.

For your convenience, we provide day, night, or weekend classes.

FAA Requirements for US Applicants

Foreign Applicant - Go Here

FAA Requirements for US Applicants
Applicants must meet FAR 65.71 eligibility requirements. They must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old;
  2. Read, write, speak, and understand the English language; and
  3. Pass all examinations within 24 months.


A. Applicants must obtain authorization to take the A&P computer examinations from their local FAA office (FSDO). In addition, applicants must:

  • Must have attended an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technical school full time for over 2,000 hours with a combination of laboratory and classroom work; or
  • Must have 18 months of practical experience with procedures, materials, and tools on either Airframe or Powerplant; or
  • Must have 30 months of combined practical experience on both Airframe and Powerplant to receive both certifications.

B. You must document the above experience specified FAR 65.77 by presenting to the local FAA office the following:

  • A graduation certificate from an FAA-approved maintenance school (FAR Part 147).
  • A letter from present or former employers detailing time and type of work experience and signed by a supervisor, preferably with an A&P certificate or license.
  • A letter can be presented to the FAA from the applicant from a licensed FAA mechanic who states the applicant has been under his direct supervision for the required number of months as specified in FAR Part 65.77.
  • Military service records showing aircraft mechanic experience (DD-214 with work details)
  • FAA exam grade slip showing past experience.

We have sample letters available in the format acceptable to the FAA. Click here to see samples.

C. After determining that your experience meets the requirements for the A&P rating, you will be given FAA Form 8610-2 to fill out. After the FAA inspector signs this form, you must bring this form to our school for registration. Be sure to bring a calculator. We will assist you in completing the remainder of your paperwork and you can begin your studies.

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