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Providing qualified technicians to the aircraft industry in the USA and around the world since 1989.


We will travel to your company, job site, or military base if we have enough students for a viable class.

For your convenience, we provide day, night, or weekend classes.

FAA Requirements for Foreign Applicants

US APPLICANTS — Follow this Link for FAA Requirements

A.  A foreign applicant who has graduated from an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician (mechanic) school (Part 147) must present an appropriate graduation certificate or certificate of completion; or

B. If the applicant is physically located in the US, a foreign applicant without a certificate of graduation or completion must show the following to an FAA airworthiness inspector:

  1. The ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  2. Positive identification (i.e., a passport)
  3. A signed and detailed original statement from his employer, substantiating the specific types of maintenance performed and the duration of each.
  4. A detailed statement obtained from the foreign airworthiness authority (CAA or CAAC) that will validate the experience of the applicant. (Some FAA inspectors have accepted an original stamp from the CAA or CAAC on the letter from your employer, although a separate letter is preferred.)
  5. In addition to maintenance performed and duration of each, the applicant's employer should state that the employer company works on US-registered aircraft, thus, the need for the US certification.
  6. Each foreign applicant must bring the license issued by his country showing his competence to work on aircraft.

We have sample letters available in the format acceptable to the FAA. Click here to see samples.

C. All documents presented to the inspector or advisor must be a signed, dated original and traceable to the initiator.

D. Each FAA inspector has the authority to accept or deny your letter of experience.

We suggest you bring all documentation to verify your experience, including military, aviation schooling, and training certifications. In addition, if you keep a daily log of work performed, we suggest you bring these logs with you for review after having them appropriately certified by your employer.

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