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FAA Certification Online Courses and FCC License eLearning

Welcome to our e-learning studies. We are delighted you have taken this important step in your career. At present, our e-learning courses include the General, Airframe, Powerplant, FCC, and GROL & Radar Endorsement. Our Inspection Authorization (IA) course will be available online soon (to be announced).

Visit our E-LEARNING CENTER to find out more.

Just remember the SIX things necessary for our e-learning courses:

  1. Documented experience.
  2. Verified time worked in the various disciplines.
  3. Certification by the FAA to take our FAA courses.
  4. Tuition paid in full.
  5. Studying and completion of the course.
  6. 30-day time limit from first day of e-learning class.

In our E-Learning program, there are some ground rules we need to address. You should realize that these are no-frills accelerated courses designed to guarantee that you will pass using our copyrighted study material and examination guides. When we say "no frills," we mean just that. You will be given exactly what is needed to pass the course. You WILL pass the course; we know that. Now, we must convince you that this is going to happen.

You must enroll, pay the tuition in full, and be prepared to pay all of your examination fees before taking an exam. With online learning, you have the same responsibility to study and take your examinations in a timely manner as you would in a classroom.

We have provided everything necessary to help you get your license, including links on our website to the various regional FAA offices, FAA/FCC requirements and basic knowledge required to pass the courses, as well as a list of computer testing centers worldwide, and a list of all FCC examiners and FAA-designated mechanical examiners.

Our online courses are predicated on a 30-day time period, but exceptions may be made for unusual situations. We will make the final determination as to how many additional days you would be allowed. Remember that, in classroom studies, the usual time is six days to complete the class. But we don't rush you with online learning, but if you are not diligent about your study habits, you will not finish the course.

In addition, you will be given links to either the FAA or FCC study guides. We will also provide you a key to access our online Test Center to help you determine your progress.

Distance learning is not for everyone. It requires a certain degree of self-discipline to study on your own, and only you can determine your capacity for this type of independent study. However, if you follow the instructions and study as directed, we guarantee you will pass. The time and money you spend with us will be an investment in your future.

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