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& G.M.D.S.S.

Meacham International Airport, New Terminal Building
201 American Concourse
Fort Worth, TX 76062

Elliott "Skip" Davis, Sr.
Phone 817-521-2063

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New Thank you for contacting Aviation Courses, Limited. For more information about our various programs offered. Please contact Elliott “Skip” Davis, Via email, or phone, 817 521 2063. The following information is about the Oral & Practical Program we offer. Click on the following link Exam Prep and you will be taken to additional information and our survey that will inform you about the NEW Practical Testing Factors. Take the survey and you can do a check up about your present ability to pass the oral and practical examinations. It’s not all bad, several of the projects can easily be joined to save you money. We advise you print out the survey’s GENERAL, AIRFRAME and POWERPLANT and either bring them with you when you come for an interview or scan and email the results to us. The next paragraph is for our survey takers only or just for your information in general.

After taking the survey, if you feel you will have difficulty in passing the oral & practical examinations, AAviation Courses, Limited, LLC has opened a fully equipped skills center that will train or retrain you in the subjects you know you will have trouble with. We can’t guarantee that you will pass the oral & practical examinations but we guarantee after the completion of your training that you will have the knowledge and hands-on experience to pass the subjects that the survey has shown you to be deficit in. To alleviate any feeling that Aviation Courses Limited is trying to alarm you in any way to induce you to enroll in our AMT Skills Center, we ask you to put the FAA web site in your browser, and scroll down to PTS standards for mechanics and you can do a comparison.

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