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Fort Worth

Elliott "Skip" Davis, Sr.
Phone 817-521-2063

David Critchfield

Skip Davis

Loi D Le

Skip Davis

8:00 am to 5:30 pm CST
Phone 817-521-2063

Student Testimonials and Reviews

I too had to retake the Bryan Tobias retest. I searched the internet for study materials and came across your study course. I’m going to tell you that I was skeptical because there are plenty of internet scams and the last thing I wanted to do was to have to shell out money for study material and then find on test day that not only was I possibly going to be ripped off, the study materials might be off so I could possibly be studying out in left field with the chance of failing the dang test! The reason I went ahead and took a chance on the purchase was because I saw student reviews and everyone spoke highly of the materials and content. They said they were passing the test using your guide. Well, I took my test today, which is August 19, 2013, so here is where I add my own experience. The course you provided was very accurate and the subject matter was the same as what I was tested on. There was only one question about types of files that I didn’t recognize. I studied your material for 1 month after work and on weekends and I was so well prepared that the 2 hour test only took me 30 minutes with a score of 93% and 100% on the Oral Exam! Thank you so much for the course that you supplied me! This was the best money I spent on study material since college!
     —M. Layer

Just wanted to mirror testimonials for A&P retest. This was the most comprehensive study program I have ever seen. I learned and retained a huge amount of information in about a 2-month period. I highly recommend this program to any and all interested in retesting to keep their A&P. Great job!!!
     —Franklin M.

I wanted to let you know that I passed the written test 98% and also passed the oral. I took my tests on Tuesday in Seattle. The safety inspector was extremely nice and very professional. Some of the oral questions were from the material and some were from experience. I feel that I did well because I studied very hard. Thank you so much for putting together the study material and especially the computer testing portion. I will tell all to get their vouchers.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my written and oral yesterday with flying colors. The folks at the Scottsdale FSDO were great and treated me with the utmost respect. The written portion, 60 questions, computer generated, were directly from the retest material and I flew through those in less than 30 minutes, no surprises. I then sat with two IA examiners for 15 random questions, 5 from each area, as advertised. I aced the entire oral portion, uneventfully, and was quickly on my way. I'd say the whole process took about 2 hours, and half that was filling out paperwork and the inspectors explaining the process. Thanks once again to you and your staff for providing the materials and pre-tests in short definitely shortened the process for me and made it much less painful. My wife and I are both breathing a collective sigh of relief that we can now truly put this whole mess behind us. I now have in hand a letter signed by the FAA, along with test results, certifying that my privileges are no longer in question and can move on with my career. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors, Skip.

I have to tell you that your A&P retest study guide and course were exactly what I needed to pass the retest. Your study and testing methods almost made the retest a breeze. All of the computer-generated portion (the 60 questions) and the 15 questions, 5 from each area, were exactly from the retest study guide material that your course provided. There were no surprises in any of the testing that the FAA gave. I went through the 60 questions and missed one. The oral questions were a snap and I got them all right. I’ve gotten my letter from the FAA saying I’m still an A&P technician and I can put this whole mess behind me. I’ll be eternally grateful to you and your company for getting me through the FAA A&P program and now for ensuring I keep my license after the Bryan Tobias mess. I want you to know that anyone who would think that you were connected in any way with that crook needs to have their head examined. You will have your check for this course by Friday.
     —Hank D.

It worked just like you said it would work. I was amazed at how your retest study guide was perfect. The way your practice tests were given was a work of art. I started to study at the end of September before the whole course was finished. I got the final part on the second of October and took my retest on Friday. I passed and only missed 2 on the 60-question computer part and made 100% on the oral 15-question part. Your study guide and answers were dead on. Anybody who wants to go anywhere else is just stupid. Every course your company puts out works all the time. I plan on coming to your school in November to take your FCC course. Keep up the good work!!
     —Johnny B.

The flying went well and I am currently back in Ireland, working away. Regarding the course, I was very satisfied with it, and I would also like to thank you for the hospitality. I am hoping to do the IA with you and will keep in touch.
     —Gavin Q.

I was recently enrolled in your company's A&P certification program and am delighted with the results. Being a manager for a major airline, I have been involved with many maintenance training programs and can say that your professionalism and course work was top notch. The program structure was exactly what was needed for me to advance my career. I can assure you that any future needs will be taken through your company's various options of courses.
     —David R., Maintenance Manager

Thank you for helping me get past my Powerplant written, oral and practical. The E-learning connection was a wonderful, painless, and convenient way to complete this course of study. I highly recommend this method of learning to anyone wishing to study for their A and P license in the comfort of their living room.
     —Hayden B.

I completed the A&P course in just 6 days from start to finish. I was able to finish my testing and left Texas with my license in hand. The cost of the class is nothing compared to the money I am making now. I was able to land a job {overseas] earning more money than I have ever earned and doing the same job I did in the military. Had I known about this course a couple years earlier, I could already be retired for good. It is a hard thing these days to dedicate your life for a specified amount of time and still get the day-to-day humdrum things done that need to get completed in life. The six days I spent [on this class] proved to be an invaluable ticket to success. I will recommend Aviation Courses Limited to anyone I speak to who wants an FAA license. The results are immeasurable. Thanks again.
     —Chris C.

I have my A&P and am still working all over the metroplex, mainly working on Hawkers though. I was very satisfied with your course and it helped me alot!!! Thanks again.
     —Kenneth S.

I am now a Flight Analyst with [a major aerospace firm]. I go up on all the ... acceptance and customer flights as the Manufacturing Dept representative and technical point of contact, helping in troubleshooting the flight discrepancies. I don't think I would have landed this job without the A&P. I'm hoping to move into Field Service in the next few years and the A & P is mandatory.
     —Paul G.

The course was great! [Your instructors in Victorville] were very helpful and professional. I passed the General and P/P written exams, but I still have the oral and practical to complete. I can't do it now because I'll be in the field for a month doing required training for Iraq. I think it is awesome that the course will be offered online; that will definitely prove helpful for future students. Thanks for your help and courteous staff.
     —Aaron A.