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E-Learning Center for Airframe and Powerplant Certification

If you are interested in our A&P course, you should have your FAA certification (Form 8610-2) in hand before you start this program. If you are in an area where there is no FAA presence, you can start and complete the program and, then at a later time, come back for a free refresher after receiving your FAA certification (Form 8610-2). If you are out of the country, we invite you upon your return to the States to come to one of our facilities for your refresher course, if needed. This will greatly expedite receiving your certificate/license in as short a time as possible.

By using our link to several letter templates, including a special format for military personnel, and using the FAA links information and guidance, you should be able to put together a good letter to be signed by your supervisor/manager who, ideally, will already have the A&P certification. This will greatly enhance your qualification to attend our class and to take the FAA exams.

Our courses are predicated on a 30-day time period, but exceptions may be made for unusual situations. We will make the final determination as to how many additional days you would be allowed. Remember that, in our classrooms, the usual time is six days to complete our classes. We don't rush you. But if you are not diligent about your study habits, you will not finish the course.

The Next Steps

  1. Fill out our A&P CONTRACT (or Download Form), which you may do online, then print a copy for your records.

  2. Then REGISTER AND PAY for your desired program.

  3. After you complete your registration, we will send you a confirmation by email, providing you with links to the online study guides and a keycode to access our online Test Center. The Test Center provides practice exams to help you determine your progress.

Questions before signing up? Contact us for more information.